This workshop will have two themes: The first UX Comptencies aims to explore the current roles within UX, what industry perceives to be the main skills and competencies within the discipline, with a view of having a debate and formulating a clear understanding of whether we are preparing the employees of the future within our university curriculum. Is there are mismatch between what we teach and what industry needs.

The second theme UX Research aims to explore what is industry doing within a research context, are there barriers to working with universities, how these barriers can be reduced and how universities can engage with industry and ensure their research findings have impact.


Bring togther acadmics with a wealth of teaching expertise and research within the area of Human Computer Interaction and User Experience.


Industry experts will share their wealth of experience relating to user experience within a commercial context.

Bridgeing the Gap

The event will look at two themes:UX Competencies and UX Research.